Students can obtain their diploma at City University College, awarded by Pearson Education, in two years; then apply for a final year of university study, leading to a Bachelor’s Degree from Ulster University, right here at City University College Doha.
Some students might decide to join the workplace after getting their diploma. Our diplomas are recognised by employers.



The BTEC Methodology is internationally and locally recognised:


BTEC Level 4 is equivalent to Year 1 of university study, leading to a Higher National Certificate. BTEC Level 5 is equivalent to year 2 of university, leading to a Higher National Diploma.


BTEC’s vocational methodology provides an engaging interactive teaching approach along with closer guidance and support for students. BTEC is a British vocational higher education qualification that offers recognition for anyone taking their first steps into the world of work, progressing through their careers, or planning to enter university. It is a learn-by-doing curriculum, grounded in real work-related case studies, projects and exams.


The BTEC methodology is flexible and credit-based, with transferable credits allowing entry into the final year of a university degree course at City University College through Ulster University, or at 95% of UK universities and around 339 universities worldwide.


BTEC diplomas are stand-alone qualifications accepted by employers worldwide, leading to career progression. They are a more affordable and practical way to progressing to university study.



City University College also offers university degrees awarded by Ulster University, a leading British University that provides quality education with a focus on ‘applied learning’.


Ulster University prepares highly employable graduates who demonstrate business and entrepreneurial acumen, innovation, global citizenship, professionalism and academic strength. The university is also engaged with businesses primarily through employer liaison, knowledge transfers and work-based learning activities.


The case study method of teaching, used in Ulster University, is an active learning method, which requires participation and involvement from the student in the classroom. In learning with case studies, the student must deal with the situation described in the case, in the role of the manager or decision maker facing the situation. A decision-maker faced with the situation described in a case can choose between several alternative courses of action, and each of these alternatives may plausibly be supported by logical argument.



Students can progress from their diploma to a final year at Ulster University to obtain their Bachelor’s Degree.
In September 2020, our students will have the choice to join Ulster University from year 1 of their studies.