In line with Qatar National Vision – 2030, City University College offers work-related learning that is academically rigorous and rooted firmly in employability and competencies tailored to Qatar’s needs. City University College’s internationally recognized UK degrees are offered here in Doha, giving privilege to Qataris to pursue their higher education in their home country.


Human development is one of the four pillars of Qatar’s National Vision 2030 in order to ensure equal opportunity for Qataris to increase their role in all sectors of the country’s economy. To ensure a capable and motivated workforce, Qatar actively encourages investments in training and vocational support.


With no shortage of higher education universities in Qatar, there remains an evident gap in the workforce for skills. City University College bridges this gap with a two-in-one solution: an alternative route to a Bachelor’s degree through a hands-on, industry-tailored learning process. This vocational route is a proven method enabling students to translate the industry-specific knowledge acquired in the classroom into Qatar’s workforce more readily than students obtaining a degree the conventional way. Vocational students are recognised as experts in their fields before joining the workforce.


According to Qatar’s National Vision, the future economic success of Qatar will increasingly depend on the ability of the Qatari people to deal with a new international order that is knowledge-based and extremely competitive. To meet the challenge, Qatar is establishing advanced educational systems. Qatar aims to build a modern world-class educational system that provides students with a first-rate education, comparable to that offered anywhere in the world. The system will provide citizens with excellent training and opportunities to develop to their full potential, preparing them for success in a changing world with increasingly complex technical requirements.


City University College is also seeking to fuel a knowledge–based economy by offering its recognised UK diplomas and degrees right here in Doha, retaining students for local employment and ensuring they have skills that compare with anywhere in the world.