Attendance Policy

Attendance and Punctuality Policy

City University College (CUC), in partnership with Ulster University is committed to providing high quality education that leads to student success. As part of this, CUC recognises that excellent attendance is a key factor in students achieving their learning goals and in developing employability skills.

To ensure this, CUC will:

  • Set high expectations for attendance and punctuality at all timetabled sessions.
  • Work in partnership with students and, where applicable, their parents and employers, to ensure good attendance and punctuality, embedding a culture of reliability and commitment.
  • Monitor and take action to improve attendance and punctuality where necessary.


This policy applies to all CUC and Ulster University students, including those on professional qualifications and includes both onsite and online delivery.

Summary of CUC’s Expectations of Punctuality and Attendance

  1. CUC expects 100% attendance and punctuality at all timetabled sessions. This includes online sessions, workshops, compulsory visits and activities, tutorials etc.
  2. Attendance of all students will be reviewed after week three and week five of the start of their programme. Any student who has not achieved at least 90% attendance during that period, and who is unable to provide a full justification, may be withdrawn from the programme.
  3. Students will be informed of CUC’s standards of attendance and punctuality during induction. They will also be informed of how these have a direct impact on achievement and future career and earnings potential.
  4. Attendance will be regularly monitored throughout students’ time in learning. Failure to maintain good attendance will be dealt with through CUC’s Student Disciplinary Policy.
  5. Students are expected to give a good reason, backed up with evidence, for all absences.
  6. Students are expected to provide a reasonable justification for any lateness. Teaching staff have the right to refuse admission to the class or online session to late students.
  7. Where absences/lateness can be foreseen in advance, the student should notify CUC via Student Services. Appropriate evidence should be provided to Student Services for the absence to be classed as authorised.
  8. For unforeseen absences, such as illness, the student must make contact with CUC to notify Student Services of their absence as early as possible on the first day of absence and every subsequent day unless they are signed off by a doctor for a given period.
  9. Upon return to learning after an absence, students must provide evidence of the reason for their absence before authorised absence can be noted in registers.

Student responsibilities

  1. Attend 100% of all scheduled lessons either in person or online relating to their programme of study.
  2. Report any absence due to illness or other reason to Student Services.
  3. Avoid going on holiday during term time.
  4. All students are expected to organise their personal arrangements to enable the level of attendance required by the programme of study. This will apply to all lectures, 1-1 tutorials and where applicable, work placements.
  5.  In the case of unplanned absences, students should inform the Course Director or Programme Leader as soon as possible so that any programme or module requirements can be discussed and an agreed action plan be drawn up.
  6. Where an extended absence is notified is considered to be significant in terms of impacting on the requirements of the programme, CUC may require the student to interrupt their studies and return in the next academic year.

CUC responsibilities

  1. Staff will always challenge latecomers. A student who arrives later than 5 minutes after the advertised start time should be marked as late. If the staff member establishes mitigating circumstances a note should be recorded on the register. All students who arrive late must be spoken to discreetly and allow their reason for lateness to be given privately, not in front of the whole class.
  2. Staff will expect students to arrive to lectures and 1-1 tutorials on time, and will therefore set an example of their own punctual attendance by being ready to commence the lesson ahead of the students.
  3. All staff will communicate CUC’s expectations with regards to attendance and punctuality throughout the programme, providing students with clear instructions and contact details of how to report absence.
  4. All staff should challenge attendance appropriately.
  5. Student attendance levels should be regularly discussed, in team meetings, with the appropriate Head of Department/Faculty.
  6. Individual attendance and punctuality levels will be addressed with the student during tutorials.
  7. Individual actions for improvement will be devised, recorded and monitored on the student’s Individual Learning Plan.

How attendance is recorded

A register is taken for every lesson including tutorials

Registers have 5 main marks to report attendance as set out below:

  • / for present
  • O for absent
  • L for late (after the teacher has begun the lesson)
  • A for an authorised absence
  • D for Departed early

Students absent for medical or reasons for travel for Umrah must submit medical or Umrah travel documents to the Student Services’ Office within two working (class) days after the student returns to their class.

The Student Services’ Office accepts or declines medical or travel certificates and records them in the student information system.

If the absence is due to illness, a medical note signed by a doctor and displaying an original doctor and hospital/clinic stamp must be presented to the Student Office for validation and acceptance not more than two days after the student returns to class.

If the absence is due to travel for Umrah, approved documents must be presented to the Student Services for validation and acceptance not more than two days after the student returns to class. If the absence is for other reasons, documentation should be presented to the lecturer when the student returns to class.

Absences other than those supported by validated medical reports are excused at the discretion of the lecturer, with the exception of travel for Umrah, which with proper documentation, will be approved by the Student Services’ Office.