Become a Student At CUC!


CUC in partnership with Ulster University provides students with a unique, diversified environment both academically and socially.

In addition to classes, studying and building a great academic foundation, students have the opportunity to socialise and have fun. CUC’s students get involved in outreach community service activities and experience leadership opportunities that will develop lifelong skills, give them an edge as graduates, and help them contribute to the community.


Workshops, training and internships:

Various workshops on time management, stress management, etc. are available for additional student support to equip students with tools that can help them elevate their learning process, reach their full potential, improve their communication skills and further build their personalities.


Extra-Curricular Social Activities:

Student-driven extracurricular social activities are organised by the throughout the year, bringing together CUC’s students, faculty and staff.


Volunteering and Outreach Opportunities:

Students will find many opportunities to volunteer in outreach activities and participate in recognised business events. CUC encourages young students to become active learners and significant researchers.


Students are encouraged to participate throughout the academic year in various business conferences in and out of Qatar.